The Quiet Workout! SHHHH :)

20 Calf Raises, 15 Squats, 10 Lunges, 5 Tricep Dips

A lot of us spend most of our work day sitting. Whether it be at a cubicle, or sitting in a facial room like I do…. We need to stand up and get the heart rate going. I work at a day spa, so a lot of jumping or loud workout moves, just won’t work. I’ve put together a quick, quiet workout.  Just enough to get your blood flowing and leave you with a fresh, clear mind, all while not attracting too much attention to yourself.


20 Calf Raises, 15 Squats, 10 Lunges, 5 Tricep Dips

This little baby only took me 1:30 to do one set. Try to do it 3 times, once a day.

20 Calf Raises

15 Squats

10 Lunges each side

 5 tricep dips

Have fun with this one. Get your coworkers involved. If you are at your desk and using your chair for the tricep dips, please make sure it’s stable and the wheels are locked! :) – Terra Nelson

We would love to see you doing this workout!

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Join me in my new journey.

I’m in training to be an online wellness coach!! It’s pretty exciting. :)))

 I’ve used Herbalife for two years now and been a distributor, but never really taken it seriously when people ask me what I’ve done or how I’ve transformed. When I stopped to think about it, I realized, I want to help these people reach their goals too. Not just give them a simple answer of  “I used Herbalife and worked out really hard”. 

One thing Herbalife suggests doing is a 90 day challenge. 



Set your goal, reach your goal. 

  • Weight Loss

  • Body Fat Loss

  • Lean Muscle Gain

Work with your Herbalife Independent Distributor to make your goal a reality. All SOYLATINAFIT women would love to help you, your family and friends reach your goals and dreams!


 1: One to one body analysis

 2: Education about nutrition and and exercise

 3: Personalised program and meal plan

 4: Weekly meetings with new friends on the challenge

 5: Regular consultations and coach support 


This is more from a fitness standpoint (which I love) but I decided to make it more of a life change. Add in all the little things in life that I just haven’t organized yet.

SOOOOO…. on to the really personal stuff….

I’ve been through some real life struggles this past year and came to realization that I am the creator of my own life. The struggles I am presented with, are my own. I’ve had to let go of toxic people, let go of the what if’s. I’ve battled with self esteem and image issues. I also realized that for 8 years, I have been relying on my husband to do EVERYTHING for me. When did I become this person? 

I am going to be 30 years old in four months. So, I am starting this 90 day life challenge my Herbalife team is also doing. I am going to be a strong, independent, successful woman.  AKA, get my sh*t together.
I’m sharing all this because I want to help others too. If anyone else out there is in the same place I am, or having your own struggles, join me.

Have faith in yourself. 

So tonight I am going to sit down and right out my goals and what is important to me. I’ll post it soon. :)

Finding myself, at the gym (Mascara and Moscato)

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I don’t have many pictures of me when I was around 150lbs, this one was taken in Nov ’09. I don’t talk a lot about how I got to this weight, or the daily difficulties of just getting out of bed. So we are going to save that for another day.  In late 2010, I had crash dieted (1100 calories a day, for my wedding) and dropped to 130. I still felt horrible, no energy and I still didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. 

I wasn’t doing it the right way or for the right reasons. My husband would have loved me at any size. But I didn’t see that, nor did I love myself at “any” size. I don’t have a lot of pictures from this time either.

 Nov of 2011, I finally started my workout. I started slow, didn’t understand or take it seriously at first. I did began to eat more sensible, using Herbalife meal replacement shakes and getting in lots of healthy snacks. (I love Herbalife)


I worked out with my trainer 3 days a week and we did a lot of cardio. Buttttt, I still didn’t know a lot about what to eat, protein, good carbs/bad carbs, all that.

Eating right still was an issue for me. So, I “overnight”  got down to an unrealistic 112 lbs. I still wasn’t toned, and not knowing what to do, I kept not eating right.

Flash forward, to 2013. I am taking in probably 1800ish calories a day, I don’t keep too much track on that. I now love protein shakes for extra energy and weight gain  (Herbalife has yummy ones) and I am gaining knowledge on proper eating everyday.

I love working out, it’s a part of my life now. I just know now, that it takes a healthy balance of a good diet and exercise.

Everyday I get more and more comfortable in my own skin and love myself from the inside out.

Perspective is everything.


I’m looking for clean recipes if you know of any good ones you have tried! I am an Herbalife Distributor and am working on my website today, so everyone can check out the product!

UNTIL THE NEXT POUR!! Love you guys!



No need to wait for 2013

new year's resolution for 2013

I am thankful every day to be surrounded by incredible women who are so determined to get their “sexy back!” Most importantly, doing it for themselves, nobody else!

Today, I would like to share Misty’s story, she has been extremely dedicated to lose weight and look her best. She is determined to reach her ultimate goal at the end of 2012, no need to wait for 2013 to make it happen!…Enjoy :)


Hi! My name is Misty and I’m a stay at home mom of a 6yr old little girl. With my busy schedule and her school functions, my eating habits were horrible. A drive thru for coffee in the morning, a drive thru for lunch and of course whatever quick and easy meals were available for dinner. Last year I started my own business with a goal in mind of never having to work for anybody but myself. I loved the products I was selling and I was making women feel beautiful but still something was missing. During one of my consultations I met a wonderful lady who sold Herbalife; she gave me a few samples to try. About 6 months later my schedule was still crazy and my eating habits were even worse. I started to have digestive issues and I felt uncomfortable ALL the time. I decided something needed to change so I called up that wonderful lady and she talked me thru the options that could help me.

I immediately started the healthy meal replacement shakes as well as other supplements and exercising Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays at Soy Latina. During one of these workout sessions we had discussed me becoming a Herbalife Distributor; needless to say I was already sold on the product and with my business going good I thought you know what, why not? When I started this process I just wanted to lose weight but through it I have met some amazing women and I feel healthier than I ever have. So now there are no coffee only breakfasts and drive thru lunch runs, it’s a hot cup of herbal tea with honey and a healthy meal shake for breakfast, a healthy 100 calorie snack, a healthy meal shake for lunch and a healthy snack in the afternoon for me. When I started my healthy lifestyle, I was somewhere around 146-150 and I was a size 9 but now I am down to 138 in weight and I’m a size 6, best of all I feel amazing! My goal is to be 125 by December and with this program I know I can do it! Thank you so much Soy Latina and Herbalife you have made me a better me!

The following product is what Misty is currently taking for maximum results:

2 shakes one healthy meal. All supplements with every meal (3 times a day)

Aloe: supports healthy digestive function by soothing the stomach and alleviating occasional indigestion




Good source of protein to add to water, delish!

Stay tune for her ultimate results…If you want your own personal success story, contact us today!