Flawless Excuse

Yesterday, while helping one of my business partners at Summer Essentials Networking event hosted by an old high school friend; I ran across another Latina business owner who also went to high school with us. She owns AB Boutique, a home based fashion boutique with the cutest fashion apparel with affordable prices. While working our booth, I couldn’t help to be attracted by this vibrant pink color outfit; as the event came to a close, I decided to take a look, I instantly fell in love with it~ a summer romper along with everything else.

I tried the romper and whalaaaa, the perfect fit!

Being that hanging out with my girls was long over due, I made a quick date with two of my friends the next day, simply an excuse to dress up…to have the perfect “Flawless Excuse!” Sunday fun day with my chicas was much much needed, always an amazing time and I will have to mention, the romper was the outfit of the evening, so many great compliments!

This “Flawless Excuse was just meant to be!




Find the most adorable pieces at AB Boutique by following @anethsboutique on Instagram!

My Mojito


I totally love time with my girls…girls’ night out is a must for me! However, due to my strict diet during competition prep, it just makes life so hard when out and about being a social bug! Last night, the girls were enjoying the most delicious drinks….and there I was…drinking water! Boooo

Anyway since it’s Friday…TGIF type of day, the heck with all this water, time for a Mojito, a healthy Mojito that is! So, cheers to an amazing day!

Try my Mojito Recipe, it’s to die for!

Don’t know where to get the Herbalife ingredients? Not to worry, Soy Latina Fit to the rescue!

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Bikini Bottom Workout

lagina beach workout

Chicas, time is ticking…The bikini bottoms must be looking on point for those beach/river days!

Get your Bikini Bottom workout going with us!

Hope you enjoy our Laguna Beach video brought to you by the lovely Terra from www.getfitwithterra.com and yours truly!

Click Image to Watch Video

Beach Bottom Workout

 Have you picked out your 2014 Bikini Bottom yet? If so, what style and color?



That Booty Thoe 15 Minute Workout

that booty thoe workout

Every girl wants a nice firm back side with no saddle bags or cellulite, right?

Training and nutrition is where it all begins in your journey to a great booty. Eating a well balanced lean diet, drinking lots of water and a good exercise program is a must for that awesome bottom your looking for!

Since Summer is around the corner, I totally recommend working out your legs and glutes 2 to 3 times a week. Here is a quick and fun booty workout you can do at home!


1) Wall spikes with a tuck 20 reps each leg

2) Double leg glute bridges (20 reps pause the last 5)

3) Wall squat tucks (20 reps)

4) Single leg wall lunges (20 reps each leg)

Repeat the full circuit 4 times

Have fun and build that ASS! Muah…




Texas Transformation, Ya’ll!


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to be selected as the virtual judge of a 21 Day Body Transformation Challenge conducted by my team in Missouri and Texas. The focus, dedication, and determination throughout the 21 days was impressive. After it was all set and done, all the before and afters of the challengers were just so incredible, I was in aw with the amazing results. The following participant had the most dramatic change.20140227-210444.jpgHer name is Stacy Lynne Reyes, 33 years old, mother of 2 children from the Texas team. She couldn’t believe she could do it and was hesitant to enter the challenge, but thankfully she did!

This is what she told me, “I know its so exciting, I was complaining so much in the beginning cause I couldn’t keep up with all these young girls! Estela said no excuses Delfina is your age amd after that I was real determined! :-D you guys are both great motivators and inspirations! Its been a ride! I have no idea how u do it and look so amazing!”

So proud of her, she was able to pull through with the support of her team and her Herbalife nutrition plan. She is now pumped for her next level and at the same time inspire other women that do not believe getting ‘Sexy Back’ is possible!



Booty Lift exercise


We all want to rock our bikini in the Summer right?

Well, let’s work on that bootay now! Do the following exercise as part of your booty workout routine. By the way, I would recommend to have one day dedicated to the booty only!

Click Link to Watch Video on Youtube: http://youtu.be/02sHn_CYIkA

Smith Machine: (you may also do this at home with your body weight or dumbbells)
Super Set
4 Sets 15 Reps Each. No rest in between exercise, 30 second rest in between Rep.
1. Squats (how low can you go ;)?)
2. Lunge and Raise (switch to other leg)


Delfina Gonzalez

Be Fashionably Fit


Being that I have a fashionista (my sisi) as my sidekick, styling is part of my everyday routine. Well, and maybe I take it a tad over the top because every day is a high heel kinda day! However, when I found my passion for fitness, my biggest challenge was trading my sexy stilettos for a pair of tennis shoes for hours in the day. It was very hard for me, I only wished I could just do my fitness activities dressed up…

Fashion…Gym….What to do, what to do?…I now had two lovers!!! Ahhh….Couldn’t I have them both?

YES, YES!! So… I decided to burn calories in style! It’s a perfect combo, and even more so with my crazy schedule trying to juggle, my 3 boys, my business and well, my singlehood. ;) I find myself in my gym clothes hours after leaving the gym, which I now have no problem because I look fashionably fit!

I strongly feel that you should put effort into your workout attire as you would in going to any other place because it will definately effect your motivation and consistancy in attending the gym and eventually obtaining your work out goals!

 Check out the following outfits I put together for you to get an idea on how to hit the gym and get clothes to rock something more chic than your tired, old sweats for your next workout! Have Fun!




Share your fashionably fit gym wear: Hashtag #fashionablyfit and tag @soylatinafit


Soy Latina Fit

Valentine’s Day…whaaaa?


‘Valentine’s Day’…You mean ‘Single Awareness Day?’

For those of us that are single, today is the biggest reminder of such status, right? …Quality time with my chicas is very important, so this month’s girl talk has been listening to their plans and gifts for their loves, like…

  • “Guess what I got us at the toy shop?”
  • “I wont be home for the weekend because I am getting away with my boo!”
  • “Oh  I got roses at work!”
  • “My parents are sitting the kids for our special date!”

And I could easily say “blah, blah, blah” However, I won’t because I love these girls and it truly makes me happy to see them In Love!

On the other side, I also have friends that self pity themselves this month; for that,  I wanted to take the time to write about this important topic.

Singleness is definitely not a synonym of loneliness, but all these stories of love could make us somewhat lonely…the commercials, the hearts, the love songs, the chick flick marathons, all the love and happiness of so many love birds can be a constant reminder that something is missing in our lives on this day!

With that being said I wanted to give you 5 ideas to celebrate this beautiful day with self love, with your family and friends!

 1.    Date night with your boyfriend, ‘GYM’

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get any action on Valentine’s Day… in the gym, that is. Exercising is a great way to blow off steam, clear your mind, and feel good about yourself!

2.   Pamper yourself

Who says you need a king to make you feel like a queen? Time to indulge in all your guilty pleasures. Get a mani and a pedi.  Give yourself a facial at home (my favorite ;) :http://www.herbalifeskin.com/) get rid of  all the damage that winter has done to your skin while listening to your favorite Pandora station and sipping on a glass of wine! Do whatever you want to do because this Valentine’s Day you can have your cake and eat it too—and go back for another slice.

3.   Have a movie marathon

Invite over your other single friends, make some popcorn, sit back and relax!

4.    Have a girls’ night out

Nice restaurant,  your favorite bar, concert, dance club, movie theater, coffee shop—your options are endless. However you and your friends like to have fun, make the most of Valentine’s Night by dressing up and going out. Try a new place you’ve been meaning to go to, or look online to find out if anything exciting is going on in the area. You may even get some free drinks out of it; single guys get lonely on this holiday too! 5.    Love your singleness

 Think about all the marvelous benefits of being single, no time for self pity! You have your whole life to find love—take the time you have now to discover yourself, have new experiences, grow and be independent, and make amazing friends. Recognizing all the reasons you love flying solo will remind you that it’s nothing to mope about.

 How will you be spending your single Valentine’s Day?

Hashtag on Instagram #selflove & #singleawarenessday  tag @soylatinafit to share with me :)


Soy Latina Fit



A quick, easy “power dinner”



Do you ever have those nights where you feel like there is nothing in the house to cook? The best thing to do when that happens is just start pulling out whatever healthy random things you DO have and just make something up! This was my story tonight. So I ended up with tilapia, romaine lettuce, onion, a carrot, lime and a bag of steamer edamame.

I left the Romaine lettuce whole, filled then with chopped onion, long sliced carrots (so one carrot would go further) and a good amount of steamed edamame peas…. peas? I know their soybeans, but I always want to call them peas.

Next, season the tilapia with your favorite Mrs. Dash (0 carbs, 0 calories, 0 sodium).


Grille fish on medium high heat 3-4 minutes, flip, continue cooking until flaky. Lay fish into romaine boats and squeeze an insane amount of lime juice all over it…. :)

This meal was about 300-340 calories for two boats.

Fun fact about edamame “peas”….

1 cup has

12 grams complete protein
130 calories
6 grams fiber
10 grams carbs
Tons of B Vitamins
Birthdays C, K, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

Eat up!

Thanks for reading :)
Terra Nelson

Amazing product! Lose fat, curb hunger.



Here is one of my favorite supplements from Herbalife. Check out my measurements. I started taking prolessa on week two. It really help push my results further. I just put a scoop of it in my morning, or afternoon shake and that was it. :) and… don’t let the scale control you!  Take measurements… take pictures…. as you can see, my weight went up two pounds, while my measurements went considerably down!


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